About Tamara Joy Patterson

Tamara Joy Patterson, MA, C-IAYT, C-EP, E-RYT 500 practices what she preaches in every way. Her quest for knowing and understanding true healing began at a young age as she is the daughter of a Natural Medicine Physician. Although she has experienced life's struggles, heartaches, and injuries as most people, her recoveries have been remarkable, often stunning her healthcare providers and even herself. This desire, stemming from the paradigm of her upbringing, has led her on an educational quest both in and out of a classroom that never ceases.

She holds a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology with a research emphasis in creating exercise prescription for those healing from chronic disease. She enjoys helping people regain quality life and health so much so that she went on to receive her training as a Yoga Therapist, as well as, her certifications in alternative emotional healing modalities. It was during her graduate work that she began to see a significant correlation between emotional pain and physical illness. She also holds 2 Bachelor's Degrees in Natural Health and Kinesiology. She has professionally worked in the health and wellness field as a therapeutic yoga teacher, natural health educator, and emotional and spiritual healing facilitator for 18 years.

Her unique approach to healing lends to incredible outcomes for her clients and students. She works with persons of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels. She believes strongly that in order for a client to regain true health, he or she must address the underlying emotional and spiritual issues just as much as the physiological and biological factors.

Her other trainings are in classical hatha yoga, vinyasa, therapeutic MIMSY yoga, Aalamba yoga, and restorative yoga. Tamara is also a certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, certified Mind/Body Expert through the American Council on Exercise, and is an Advanced Psych-K Methodology facilitator. Psych-K. She is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association, and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Tamara exudes a joyful energy that obviously comes from a Heavenly place. She attributes it to her overwhelming gratitude for life, not just her own, but for the lives of her children, and the support of her husband in every area of the life they share. She has endured a lot of her own physical and emotional pain in delivering her babies, and has seen God's hand in every detail of her existence and in theirs.

Much of what she shares with women when helping them to rehabilitate their emotional and physical bodies is what she has experienced herself on the road back to recovery from endometriosis, mesh allergy, and spinal and pelvic floor injuries. She uses what she calls tools from her toolbox with each client and student (a combination of scientifically validated modalities, biomechanical analysis, intuitive vision, various brain balancing and emotional healing techniques, conflict resolution methods, and a good dose of common sense).

Tamara believes that each person that she meets is meant to be in her life whether for a brief interaction or a long-term relationship. Every person that finds their way home to The Garden has surely found their way into her heart.

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