With Tamara Patterson

Gentle Yoga is not only enjoyable and refreshing, it is a necessary style of yoga that our current culture needs and craves. The shifting down into the "relaxation" nervous system response (parasympathetic) from "fight or flight" nervous system response (sympathetic) is a vital component of healing and keeping a healthy mind and body, and is the foundation of Aalamba Yoga (Yoga with Support) and MIMSY (Meditation in Movement Style Yoga).


Tamara loves the nurturing style she teaches although she is also trained in other classical styles, and will always vary the class to meet your needs as a group or in a Yoga Therapy session. As her long times students say, "She never teaches the same class twice!" This is partly due to the intuitive nature of her teaching style, as well as, the different needs of students from class to class. Want an individual session with Tamara? Don't forget to check out her Yoga Therapy offerings in the calendar. Questions? Please contact The Garden, 530-524-5987 or email: tim@tamarashealinggarden.com.