Stillness and Rest

If you learn one thing from me, I hope that it is how to rest. The following is why I made the Stillness DVD and why all of us need to cultivate more rest into our busy lives.

The beginning of ALL healing: STILLNESS and REST

All healing takes place when we REST. When we rest we heal. It is a physiological fact. You cannot stress and heal at the same time. It is impossible, yet most humans live their life in a state of chronic stress, elevated levels of cortisol pumping through their bodies, never checking in with their mind and heart, or even their physical body. All of us need rest. True rest.

Yes, there is a difference between sitting in front of the news with a rootbeer and true rest. Jesus said, "come to me all of you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest." This is a message for these times. Most of us are so stressed, so tired, so heartbroken, and the only way we can heal is REST. Rest by spending time in STILLNESS, asking yourself how you really feel, and dealing with the thoughts and emotions that are present with Heaven's help.

The emotional state of a person is a litmus test. When you are hyped up on caffeine or sugar and someone asks you how you are feeling as you pick up your drycleaning, and you answer, "fine," this is not how you really feel. When you quiet the body and mind and you BREATHE and you ask yourself, how am I? This is authentic. This is where self-awareness begins, and this is where you can truly discover your heart's desires. Only in this quietude can you find out who you are and what you need to be the best you that you can be.

When you lie still, house quiet, breath audible... how do you feel? My hope for you is that when you check in, the answer you receive is peaceful, joy-filled, or happy. If this is the case, then hooray. Spend time bathing in these heavenly fruits and get direction for your life asking how you can serve others with these.

When the answer you receive from your heart is sadness, anger, fear, etc. Know that you are not alone. Use this time to emote. Cry out. Scream. Let your confusion go by talking out loud, and then when the emotion calms ask for the Holy Spirit to present you with a gift of Divine Love. This is the kind of love we all seek, but few find. Capital L-O-V-E, the energy that created you.

I designed the Stillness video after a time in prayer and meditation. Filmed in Hawaii in a Peace Sanctuary it was filmed in one take to help all people find stillness. Practice stillness every day, when times are toughest. Your life will change.