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Yoga Videos By Tamara
Custom made videos by
Tamara just for you!
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Calm Infused Yoga Mats
Natural Materials, non slip surface,
available in 5 colors
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Combination Special!
Choose a yoga mat and a
yoga blanket for a special price
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Calm Infused Yoga Blankets
Subtle Energy Infused blankets in
a variety of colors and styles
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Subtle energy medicine/nutrition
available for purchase in our
Mount Shasta store
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Infused - The Science of Physics
Tamara Joy has had the gift of growing and learning from one of the most world-renowned, Russian Radio-Physicists of our time, Dr. Yury Kronn, PhD. He has invented a way of infusing subtle energy patterns into fabrics and liquids that have been shown to affect the body profoundly in scientific laboratory research.

One-Of-Kind Gifts
Tamara's Healing Garden offers a truly unique ability to gift yourself and your loved ones with beautiful gifts and health products infused with these Subtle Energy patterns, specifically, Dr. D's Calm, a pattern that will help you calm your nervous system, improve your sleep, and enhance your ability to relax. This energy has been infused into all blankets and mats, and other gifts in the store and online.

Nutrilink, Natural Medicine and Nutrition at its Best
We also offer Nutrilink products which are a combination of these Subtle Energy patterns and incredible nutrition that are truly the health products of the future. Browse our online store to get a taste for some of our products, or visit the shop on Mount Shasta, Blvd to experience these amazing products, and all that Tamara's Healing Garden has to offer.

Subtle Energy Patterns
The Vital Force Subtle Energy Infusing Process can be compared to the chemical process of creating isomers. In chemistry the same molecule can have very different chemical properties depending on the geometrical arrangement of the atoms comprising it. Similarly, atoms can change some of their properties when configurations of quarks and/or sub-quarks in their nucleus are changed under the influence of a particular subtle energy pattern.
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