Stress Test

Begin by printing this STRESS TEST FORM then when complete, please read the article below.

Chances are if you live in today's world and you just took this quiz you are surprised to find out the threat that your body feels it is under. Stressors are abundant and hard hitting, and unlike the days of old most of us are not able to run away from them. As I stated on my yoga DVD Restoration, finding peace does not mean running away from stressors, it's learning to be amidst them and remain calm in your heart knowing without a doubt that you are loved and that you are on earth at this time for a specific and important purpose. This takes practice, and I want to teach you how you can overcome anything plaguing your mind, body, soul, or spirit. It's as easy as sitting still with intention.

We are body, mind, soul, and spirit all working together to create one amazing you. There are only 6 ideas you choose to either destroy or heal your physical structure:

  • How you eat
  • How you drink
  • How you sleep
  • How you think
  • How you breathe
  • How you move

How do you eat?

Is everything that you put in your mouth pure, fresh, and organic? I tell every client who wants to eat healthier one golden rule: If it wasn't in the Garden do not put it in your mouth. Often times by making a sincere effort to purify your intake of food, you will see immense changes for the positive in a very short amount of time. Your body is a reflection of the fuel that you feed it.

How do you drink?

Do you consume half of your body weight in oz. of water? Eg. 140lb. female: 140/2=70oz. of water +/- needed per day. Have you eliminated soda and other high sugar beverages from your life? If you consume alcohol do you do so in moderation? Eg. 1 serving of wine=4oz.

How do you sleep?

Do you get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night? (If you are a new mommy or daddy, make sure to nap when your little bundle does.)

How do you think?

Are you on the "love channel" or the "fear channel" during the brunt of your day? Take notice, and if you find yourself struggling with negative thoughts practice our stillness exercise when on the "fear channel." You will undoubtedly begin to move into love more often. Your thoughts become you.

How do you breathe?

Deep, belly breaths in a state of peace and love all day? Is the air you are breathing pure?

How do you move?

Do you get 60 minutes of enjoyable and refreshing physical activity each day?

Take notice of all of the above as you begin your quest into wholeness. If you stated positive answers then you undoubtedly are headed in the right direction. If you desire more information or need some one on one time with me or my respected colleagues, please email me. Below are listed some interesting books I recommend to expand your health knowledge.