Vital Force Subtle Energy Infusing Process
Imprinting patterns of energy into almost any material.

Vital Force Subtle Energy Infusing Process can be compared to the chemical process of creating isomers. In chemistry the same molecule can have very different chemical properties depending on the geometrical arrangement of the atoms comprising it. Similarly, atoms can change some of their properties when configurations of quarks and/or sub-quarks in their nucleus are changed under the influence of a particular subtle energy pattern. The Vital Force Subtle Energy Infusing Process changes substances on the subatomic level changing the properties of the substance in ways that are predictable and controllable. The infusing process can enhance the properties of a substance and increase its power, it can make it work faster and stronger, or reduce the amount of substance needed to achieve the desired effect or the time it takes to work. This process can even add entirely new properties that make the substance totally unique when compared to its counterpart. This is accomplished through the use of different and specifically arranged subtle subatomic energy patterns, transforming mundane substances into powerful compounds. The Vital Force infusing process can be applied to all types of substances from liquids to powders to solids.

Vital Force Subtle Energy Formulations can be imprinted into almost any natural or man-made material in liquid, powder or solid form. Through careful analysis of goals, and testing for optimal benefits, the application of the Vital Force Subtle Energy Infusing Process has opened doors to scores of new possibilities in the enhancement of products that support human and animal health, and in ongoing research at major universities. Over the last 12 years, Energy Tools International has worked with many researchers, manufacturers and hundreds of healthcare practitioners across North America and Europe. During this time, infused products of all kinds have been in continuous use in a variety of traditional and alternative healthcare settings. Back To Store